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MWMN Leadership Team

About Charlotte Dimandja-Losodu

A Licensed Practical Nurse by profession, Charlotte is currently completing her college diploma in nursing, and has always had the health and well-being of others at heart. She is married to an awesome man, and together they serve as leaders at their homechurch. Charlotte has a great personality, a unique and very simple way of approaching the various topics surrounding faith, mental health, and well-being in general, with the aim of helping everyone in their healing process and in their Christian walk. After facing depression, and other challenges, Charlotte decided to break the silence and founded an organization Healed to heal, under acronym; H2h. Her passion is to use her faith, experience, knowledge and influence to help others reach their full potentials through the healing of their souls. Charlotte participated in the IWMN Healing for Damaged Emotions in 2020 and is excited about learning and bringing her gifts to the MWMN Leadership Team.

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