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MWMN Dream Team

About Thirtsa Ernest Rosier
MWMN Consultant

Thirtsa Ernest has been serving with Montreal Women’s Ministry Network since the beginning of the organization in 2002, where she has led praise and worship, and led the MWMN Dance Ministry Team. Being involved in church life, since her teenage years, Thirtsa today serves in homechurch, the Peoples Church of God. Her ability to engage people of all walks of life, many who are disillusioned with church and far from God, her listening skills, as well as her aptitude to take initiative in leading them to draw close to Christ has set her apart as a vibrant leader in various communities in Montreal. With experience in corporate management for over 20 years, Thirtsa has served as Leader and is former Director and support in MWMN for over 7 years. Her hope is that women leaders would not just "know the right theology" but truly lives the spiritual life in God and lead others to do the same.

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