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5 Reasons women in leadership should attend this conference

on emotional and relational healing

So, you’ve been vaguely seeing this ad for this conference for women in leadership, in the church. And you think “ahhh, that’s me” – but you’re still on the fence and aren’t sure you should go. Well, here are 5 reasons you should sign up and register today.

# 1 – It’s time to break the silence of ‘’Taboo’’ topics. As women and specifically for those of us who are women leaders of color, many of us regardless of ethnic backgrounds, have experienced emotional stuck-ness, domestic violence, unhealthy mother-daughter-father relationships, betrayal in our marriages or friendships. Too many of us secretly harbor untold stories of sexual abuse, incest, mental illness, depression, a love-less marriage, a lack of marriage and yearning to be married and the hope against hope to have a family. All with a longing for things to be different, for the pain to stop. All too often these topics are not addressed nor discussed and are in many instances considered “taboo”. At ‘’Reviving the Beloved Within’’ bi-annual IWMN 2019 Conference, we’re going to break the deafening silence that has kept far too many women leaders in a sort of prison for far too long.

# 2 – Women in leadership need to be led too. IWMN is an organization that is dedicated to the development of emotional healing among women in leadership. Sometimes when we start to develop leadership skills and start to serve, it is easy to forget, that we still need to learn, be stretched and grow. At IWMN 2019, you will get to be led, instructed by some of the most prolific speakers in the state of North Carolina, seasoned professionals ranging from every CEO, licensed professional counselors, entrepreneurs, pastors etc.

# 3 – Psychological and Mental Illness is a real thing and affects women leaders in the Church. Where does the worship leader go, when she just had her first baby and is struggling badly with post-partum depression that just won’t go away for 1 or 2 years? How is the Sunday School teacher (whom the 5 year-olds adore)to reconcile her manic bi-polar episodes with her Christian faith – and is it okay to take medication for it? What about Counseling? Is it really necessary for me to see a professional therapist to discuss my emotional burdens? How do we hold it together as we’re seeking the help we need?

# 4 – It’s time to learn how to heal our broken friendships instead of writing everyone off. Admittedly, there are plenty of times when walking away is the best option. But virtually with everyone, all the time? Loneliness is one of the leading problematic affecting many a great leader and most are ill-equip on how to circumvent their personal loneliness. How can we learn to be authentic with others and not get hurt? Is it even possible? What are the appropriate boundaries? And what is appropriate vulnerability in a society (home, work, church) where people have hurt you repeatedly or use your issue against you? ie. What does emotional wellness look like with within ourselves  and others when we feel we have a constant need to protect ourselves? Can we trust God to restore us and restore those relationships which seem impossible to heal? The truth is that hurt leaders, hurt their followers and often do unimaginable amounts of damage. At IWMN 2019, the talk "When Leaders Hurt: how to tell the Truth without Breaking" will address the art and hope of healing from personal emotional and relational broke-ness.


# 5 – Having a past does not disqualify you from leadership. At our post-Conference Leadership Empowerment Session, you will have the opportunity to learn about how to have real and lasting impact amongst real fellow women leaders who hurt, where you might be her first beacon of hope. What if your story of eating disorders, failed relationships, abuse, feeling misunderstood, chronic sickness or unfulfilled longing was all part of a bigger Story, for the redemption of many? You will learn how your story can be a huge catalyst of healing for others, as part of the IWMN dynamic team of women dedicated to creating safe spaces for others, as we learn together how to effectively help bring healing to others.



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