IWMN exists to offer lasting help and day to day strength for living to young women world-wide.  What does it take to roll out of bed everyday, putting one foot in front of the other? What does it take to not merely survive but to thrive and flourish as daughters of the King? How many of you have been told -- just pray more! But how do you pray more, when life just feels too hard? You are not alone! Through a caring and solid network of other leaders who have struggled too, and have learned to live joyous and free one day at a time, you too can make it on your life's journey, purpose and calling!


IWMN partners with many other ministries and resources to make them available and easily accessible to you as a  leader who may be hurting, having a hard time, or perhaps simply desiring to connect with other women leaders in your community.  Click here to read more about what else IWMN offers, or how to find or start a chapter near you and how to become a member.




Freedom Session is a healing-discipleship journey that uncovers the roots of pain in our lives and invites Jesus Christ to heal those areas of our hearts. Freedom Session deals with issues—like pornography, broken marriages, sexual wounded-ness and abuse, addiction—by freeing us from our “drugs of choice”—the things we use to attempt to escape the pain in our lives.


Freedom Session is an effective, Christ-centered 12 Step healing ministry that will lead you on a journey towards the freedom and healing you’ve always hoped was possible for you.








Healing for Damaged Emotions is a 14-15 week Book Study that encourages leaders to explore in honest depth painful memories of the past in order to allow God to bring healing in those tough areas.  This Recovery Workbook approach  focuses on recovering from the memories that cause our pain.


Healing Prayer Times are a big part of these times as well, and this may be done with a one-on-one IWMN Ministry Leader or in a group setting.



If you are interested in becoming trained in order to help another struggling sister in this area of emotional healing,  through our Fall 2014 HDE Training, contact us here.


Healing for Damaged Emotions












Monthly Network Meetings




The Network meeting is  a space where young women [leaders] come together monthly, for encouragement, share about struggles that we may have, even as leaders (who often feel like others look to us, and expect leaders to somehow never have problems). But at the Network, we are encouraged to be honest about hard stuff, as well as empowered to be the young women leaders that God has called us to be. There, we also have the opportunity to network and are provided appropriate venues to minister, teach, and/or preach as God calls us. Please contact us for an IWMN monthly meeting near you or get one started!

Freedom Session
Ken & Bonnie



David A. Seamands & Beth Funk


MWMN gave me the opportunity to meet other women leaders that went through the same challenges I faced in my life and I was not alone.  MWMN helped me to believe that as a woman, I can do many things without losing myself and pleasing God first. Through MWMN I learned how to use the resources in the network to become a leader in my career and in my family. Despite my low self-esteem I finally embraced who I am in Christ by loving myself, forgiving others and meaning it and moving forward without hanging on to past hurts.


Lyne Dahebash, Author of "Lord Why Me?  Being a Conqueror in the Midst of Pain."


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