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Executive Director

Achlaï Ernest Wallace is the founder and Executive Director of the International Women's Ministry Network, an organization which promotes emotional healing & empowerment among women in leadership since 2002. A mother, mover and a shaker, Achlaï speaks and blogs about the intersectionality between motherhood, ethnicity and faith. After serving for over 10 years in college ministry in Canada and the United States, Achlaï is now a Clinical Care Counsellor working with individuals, couples and families. With a focus on clinical mental health, she specializes in working with clients who struggle with suicide ideation, anxiety, work-related stress, marital conflict as well as other mental health hardships. She can be available for counseling via her private practice www.wallaceandwallacehealingcenter.ca.


Achlaï is fervent about freedom from shame, and is dedicated to helping provide safe spaces for leaders to experience transformative restoration, where  struggles and pain can be honestly shared and released; where leaders can be empowered to be fully who God has purposed them to be -- emotionally whole and spiritually grounded. Achlaï is passionate about encouraging women leaders to live honestly and get comfortable with their weaknesses, because this is where God's grace abounds.

Achlaï earned her M.A. in Christian Counseling and is currently a Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying). After having spent over a decade in North Carolina, she and her husband Kenneth Wallace currently make their home with their delightful daughter, Hadassa in the London, Ontario in Canada.

Achlaï Ernest Wallace
Achlaï Ernest Wallace

Founder & Executive Director

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