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The International Women's Ministry Network (IWMN) is an organization which promotes emotional healing & empowerment among women in leadership. IWMN is also the supportive umbrella to the Montreal Women's Ministry Network (MWMN), the North Carolina Women’s Ministry Network (NCWMN), and our newest two Network healing communities, Southern California Women's Ministry Network (SoCalWMN) our newest Network healing community, and the Toronto Women's Ministry Network (TWMN) and all the WMN’s that will follow as God continues to raise young women leaders to rally one another to be spurred on towards engaging life and wholeness, throughout Canada, the United States, and beyond globally. The call is for young women of God to respond and answer the call of God to be made whole, fully who He has called us to be, to repent and to assert the good things that the Lord has in store for us! It is time for freedom! It is time for the daughters of God to know that they are loved of God and that they  inherently have a God-given dignity. It is time for women to take up their rightful place in the Body of Christ and know that it is God’s will for you to be healed, to be set free,  and to lead others towards healing and freedom.


 IWMN likewise partners with many other ministries and resources to make them available and easily accessible to  young women leaders who may be hurting, having a hard time, or perhaps simply desiring to connect with other women leaders in their communityTo learn more about an IWMN chapter near you and how to get involved, contact IWMN here.


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IWMN Leaders at 2019 Healing Conference

Board Member with IWMN Staff.jpg

Vision Executive Renita Sims, Executive Director Achlaï Ernest Wallace with Board Member Katie Watts

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