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Meet the MWMN Dream Team

Our vision is to see women healed from emotional hardship and restored to wholeness by the power of Christ in a solid and caring network to which they can belong to and grow in their leadership. We are made whole to lead. The Montreal Women's Ministry Network exist to reach out to help women throughout our communities who need healing for damaged emotions and women leaders who struggle to understand the Gospel from head to heart. If you are a woman in leadership and you find yourself struggling emotionally or spiritually, please know you are not alone. Whether you struggle with understanding your emotions, deal with depression, or low self-worth, the MWMN is the place for you.  MWMN also regularly hosts emotional healing meetings,  workshops,  spiritual healing retreats as well as life transformational and emotionally empowering conferences.

To join MWMN, contact us here.


“I've been really blessed by the ministry MWMN, not only by receiving advice or teaching by some amazing women but also by having the chance to be a blessing to others by leading worship. I believe that's what MWMN is all about: to receive but also to serve and give back by being a blessing to others. I've been to a conference this last July and it was a great encounter with God. A sweet meeting with my Lord. Thank you MWMN for what you're doing for women everywhere!


Peggy, Worship Leader 



MWMN gave me the opportunity to meet other women that went through the same challenges I faced in my life and I was not alone.  MWMN helped me to believe that as a woman, I can do many things without losing myself and pleasing God first. Through MWMN I learned how to use the resources in the network to become a leader in my career and in my family. Despite my low self-esteem I finally embraced who I am in Christ by loving myself, forgiving others and meaning it and moving forward without hanging on to past hurts.
Lyne Dahebash
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