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About Mildred Clement
Connections Gathering


Mildred Clement put her faith in Jesus Christ at the age of 16 years old. Age age, 53, she says “God not done with me.” Through tough times in the past 2yrs of covid-19, Millie found that she was faced with having to face herself, with no distractions, no place to run to, no people to entertain her. Facing a new lifestage of being an empty-nester, whe began to ask herself questions like:  “Who am I? What do I enjoy to keep myself busy…essentially, what is my purpose.” (now that I had just become an empty nester), and what is my purpose. Millie  started to listen to podcasts, messages and worship music and began to learn how to live in the present, rather than the rat race she was use to. As well, through practicing gratitude, and counting her blessings.

She connected with Achlaï Ernest Wallace, the Executive Directorr of IWMN on Instagram. In IWMN Montreal Healing Community, she found a group of women that spoke about their victories and struggles. People who were encouraging each other through prayer, sharing experiences and other resources. Right away, Millie found IWMN is a safe space to talk about women's issues, a place to find encouragement in ones faith to grow spiritually, mentally and physically. Millie says:

“I decided to join to be encouraged and to encourage others in their walk through life.

Hoping to reach all women no matter what chapter they are in life.

God is good all the time! Lets be grateful.” Ps 118:24

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