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NCWMN Leadership Team

About Priscilla Blow
Social Media & Healing for Damaged Emotions (HDE)




Priscilla Blow serves in Social Media and is the coordinator for Healing for Damaged Emotions for the North Carolina Ministry Network. She has a B.A. in Organizational Leadership from Simpson University and an A.S. in Dental Hygiene from Loma Linda University and enjoys working in her field as a dental hygienist. 


Priscilla has overcome challenging obstacles in her life and her experiences have fueled a passion to walk along side women who are healing from emotional hardships. Priscilla participated in the IWMN HDE 2020 8-week Spring Training. She is very active in ministry and community outreach. Priscilla  is a proud mother of three teenage daughters, and in her free time she enjoys creating memories with her family, traveling and spending time outdoors.


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