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Achlaï Ernest Wallace

Founder & Executive Director

Achlaï Ernest Wallace is the founder and Executive Director of the International Women's Ministry Network, an organization which promotes emotional healing & empowerment among women in leadership.

Achlaï Ernest Wallace has devoted her life's work and ministry to the emotional healing of women for over 20 years and mental/ relational health for all during the last 5 years. In addition to leading Anxiety & Trauma Group Therapy sessions in her work at Wallace and Wallace Healing Center, she also provides training for community leaders in "Healing from the Emotional Pain of the Past" spaces through IWMN.


Achlaï founded the IWMN in response to the lack of emotional safety that many women leaders in the church experience surrounding taboo issues. Achlaï loves to say that in many ways, IWMN exists as a bridge between the Church and the Psychotherapy room.


Achlaï especially enjoys counseling couples, journaling, reading and most recently has taken up painting. Achlaï currently resides in London, Ontario in Canada, with her husband of over 16 years and their delightful 9-year daughter with whom she loves taking long walks.

(548) 484-5740

Achlaï Ernest Wallace
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