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Gricelda Ramsey





Gricelda Ramsey is the newly appointed Chair of the Board of the International Women’s Ministry Network (IWMN) as of February 2023.


Gricelda Ramsey is a woman of passion and compassion for the well-being of others. Gricelda offers over 19 years’ experience in counseling, coaching, and consulting. She is a licensed master social worker (LMSW). She has a passion for restoring broken families and mending relationships and helping people find solutions to their circumstances through clinical techniques and spiritual practices incorporating life experiences and observations and knowledge with practical life lessons. Gricelda Ramsey assists her clients by treating the whole person. She promotes healing of the mind, body, and spirit through healthy lifestyle practices. Gricelda’s mission is helping the faith community to understand mental health in our community and removing the stigma of seeking therapy, dispelling the negative attacks of the enemy trying to destroy marriages & families in our community, and helping women to heal from trauma and brokenness, and walk in their purpose.


 She is also establishing a new niche in working with men in therapy to identify emotional barriers established by environment and society and create a healing path to authenticity and healthy relationship within family and community. In June of 2020 she officially launched and became the CEO of Life Changing Therapeutic Services, LLC, which is a private practice offering therapy, coaching and consulting/training. Gricelda is professionally known as “The Solutions Therapist” offering Real Solutions to Real Problems~ Helping others to tap into the power within to walk into their life journey…and Get "N" Touch with their purpose; ​Keep "N" Touch with the process" and Stay "N" Touch with their destiny…and Gricelda Ramsey is also a published author. 


Gricelda Ramsey received her Master of Social Worker degree and a graduate certification in SW Practice with Couples and Families in 2003 from Wayne State University. She also earned a Master of Arts in Education- Adult Education and Training in 2012 from the University of Phoenix.


She is the wife of Pastor Nicholas D. Ramsey of the Church of the Living God CWFF Temple 279 in Detroit, MI. She is blessed to be the mother of two adult children and one granddaughter. Gricelda is a member of the Church of the Living God CWFF where she has served the church in many capacities in the local, district, and national ministry. Gricelda has served in the women’s ministry, children’s and young adult ministries, and many other areas of ministry; often jumping in to serve wherever needed.  In July of 2019, Gricelda was ordained as an evangelist with the Church of the Living God CWFF.

Gricelda Ramsey is delighted to bring her gifts and passions to the non-profit ministry-organization of IWMN.

(548) 484-5740

Gricelda Ramsey
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