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Ketsia Ernest


Ketsia Ernest  hails from Montreal and currently lives in Brossard, QC.  She would like to see the God culture permeate and  go beyond the boundaries of age demographics, ethnicity, language and socio-economic status as well as see how it all intersects in God's kingdom.  She has a special heart for youth and missions and is quite interested in social justice issues. Ketsia has had the privilege of going overseas and of working with people  from diverse background in her city and is very active in her local church Peoples Church of God. She is a long-time supporter of the vision of IWMN, has led seminars/workshops in past Conferences and Retreats, has a true heart for young women. Ketsia is passionate about young people finding their true identity in Christ and has traveled from Toronto to South Africa to see and effect change in the world. Ketsia enjoys all forms of live music and taste of cuisine from around the world. Her two favorite quotes are: “"A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle"(James Keller) and "Sonjez ti- pitit : Bon Die se gran moun, , li fe sa' l vle, le'l vle, jan li pito." - Haitian Kreyole proverb meaning: "Remember little child, God is a grown up. He does what He wants, when He wants, how He wants."

Ketsia Ernest brings great insight and wisdom alongside her passion for the healing of women, to the role of Vice-Chair of the Board.

(548) 484-5740

Ketsia Ernest
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